Gorgeous summer, colorful, colorful and playful clothing, whether you have been deeply attracted to it? City wardrobe less Shu women , teach you amazing gorgeous Shuya.

Little clear by a lot of girls sought after, a touch of color, fresh and sweet. Of course, the retro style of clarity is a trend coming this year.

Whether you like to wear pants, or you like the group of children, or like you dress, in the city wardrobe, you will find the elegant fashion.


Clothing, carrying the pursuit of life, urban wardrobe women, to create a different you, simple and fresh clothing, you are definitely the most shining star in summer, a beautiful landscape.

Product Type:
Beach Towel
100 % polyester or 100%cotton
heated transfer printed,activity pringted
Logo :
pinted on the towel ,print on a rag ,print on papar card
Eco-Friendly, Water Soluble, Other
seaside,promotional gift,popular textile product
Size :
70*140cm.80*160cm.  diameter 150cm
 Advantages:(1) Easy to wash without detergent

(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quickdry

(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces                                                                           

(4) Ideal for travel, running, hiking, pool, and more

(5) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch

(6) No bad odors

Round Beach Towel

Round Beach Towels,Circular Beach Towel,Circle Beach Towel,Round Beach Blanket,Round Towel

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