"Mark Wahfi Creative City Women's Wear" 2014 Winter New Product Launch Conference and 2014 Winter Trade Fair "Chuang Jian Future" will be held from June 29th to July 1st at Mark Wahfei's Shanghai headquarters.

Invitation card

Dear customers,

"MarkFairwhale creative urban women '2014 winter 2014 winter new conference and trade fair" Transcend the Future "will be held June 29, 2014 - was held in MarkFairwhale Shanghai headquarters of July 1, the order was to be You show "MarkFairwhale creative urban ladies' 2014 new winter products, delivering the latest for you, most tide, most iN women's fashion information, the panorama 2014 winter fashion trends look forward sincerely work with you, were tasked performance .
Order Time: June 29, 2014 to July 1, 2014

     Registration Time: June 29, 2014 13: 30-14: 00

     Check-in location: Mark Huafei headquarters, 1st floor

     Venue: 3rd Floor, Mark Wahfield Headquarters


     Address : 3rd Floor, Building 1 , Southern District, 299 Longhua Road (Tianhua Information Technology Park)


     Be sure to return the following information to participants on or before June 25 E-mail: 1355297289 @ qq.com

     area:         Agent : Shop Name : Participants:     people

    The list of participants:


     Accommodation Arrangement: Customers staying at Jinjiang Inn Sanjiang Road and Longhua West Road will be settled by the company and the hotel first.

     Accommodation Arrangement: Tao Wenyi 021-61541555*6809 152 2197 1861 QQ  

     For other self-arranged customers, please refer to (Appendix II Hotel Information)  

Participation notice:

1 All personnel must wear the attendance certificate or work permit before entering the venue.

2 Strictly follow the time schedule of the organizers to leave the venue and do not leave the venue without any reason.

3 It is strictly forbidden to take pictures at the meeting place and show floor, keep the environment sanitation of the meeting place, and strictly prohibit spitting and littering. It is strictly prohibited to smoke cigarettes in the product display area.

     Annex I Schedule

    Annex II Hotel information

    Annex III Route Information

                         Organizer: Shanghai Hershey Industrial Co., Ltd.      

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