Now it is the rainy season, it is normal to rain, but the summer of July is the beginning of the heat, the rainy weather is far away from us, and if the summer travel encounter rain how to do it? Summer clothing for children to wear what is better, good Tong Tong children to help you solve one by one. Do not be afraid when it comes to rainy days in summer travel. The rain in summer is only for a while. In summer, you do not need any long-sleeved ones. Instead, you need to bring a vest. To prepare children's clothing should also be prepared vest, this blue vest style with a plaid shorts, simple and stylish. Vest is the most attractive style, the summer vest is absolutely a must have, this style of clothing light blue vest color with a khaki casual pants, this low-key match, in the summer is absolutely cool, the summer whether it is raining Still sunny, vest absolutely indispensable.

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