Now there is no personal clothing society that is simply out of mind. The baby's clothing is also more than a creative, Kaki House children's wear simple T-shirt personality dress up, whether boys or girls, short sleeves T-shirt is absolutely indispensable dress, just like Xiao Bian to see Kaki house children's clothing T-shirt with it. Short T summer essential, no matter what occasion T shirt total to give a sense of relaxed, no matter how dignified the atmosphere will be dissolved, T-shirt is a wild style, this khaki T-shirt, simple Embellishment of the pattern, handsome full, lower body with a denim shorts can slightly. T-shirts are not missing all year round styles, autumn and winter long-sleeved T-shirt, spring and summer short-sleeved T-shirt, each season has a relative T-shirt style, Kaki house two T-shirt styles, classic Black and white striped T-shirt fake two design, dotted shirt collar embellishment to the overall more handsome, girls T shirt white T shirt is still embellished with a big five-pointed star, lower body with vertical stripes denim skirt, stylish and personality.

Polyester Cotton Stripe Fabric

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