This site July 1 hearing, hot summer, but also to the fashionable beauty to start a new shoes moment! Perhaps compared with the ever-changing fashion "decoration", the shoes look more classic, change the speed and face are not obvious. But for even the most conservative fashion fields, such as hairstyles and accessories, there are bound to be new surprise changes every season. What's more, the world of famous shoes is gathered here. Let's take a look at this summer's trendy flat sandals!


Comfortable and lightweight summer sandals, basic black tone, simple and versatile, flat bottom feel very comfortable.


Incomparable dazzling metal detail design, simple ribbon style, on the foot effect is light and comfortable.


The versatile T-strap sandals and the fine-edged T-strap design have a beautiful look, and the snakeskin texture has an attractive pattern.


The T-strap sandals that are most suitable for the summer season, and the cotton weaving treatment also makes the footsteps of the skin more comfortable and will not wear the feet.


Comfortable summer flat sandals, wild style, comfortable, generous, with trousers or skirt wear look good.


Summer must-have T-strap sandals, T-section with metal chain decoration design, flat bottom section, wear particularly comfortable. (Cooperative media: Shoe-like pictures Chiaki backgammon shoes)

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  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Lab Coat in the Laboratory

    1. BARRIER PROTECTION – A lab coat provides substantial barrier protection and shields your torso and arms from coming into direct contact with hazardous substances in the laboratory.
    2. PROTECTIVE MATERIAL â€“ A good lab coat is semi fire retardant – The ideal material for a lab coat is 35/65 polycotton (35% polyester and 65% cotton). Polyester offers chemical resistance and ease of maintenance whilst cotton offers semi fire retardant properties.
    3. PREVENTS CROSS CONTAMINATION â€“ A lab coat prevents cross contamination – keeping your lab coat on in the lab will retain contamination within your laboratory and will reduce or prevent cross contamination into other areas.
    4. FAST REMOVAL â€“ A lab coat can be removed quickly in an emergency – If a fire or dangerous spill occurs, your lab coat (especially if it has press studs) can be pulled off in a matter of seconds to immediately bring distance between you and the hazard.
    5. PROFESSIONALIZE YOUR LOOK â€“ A good clean lab coat indicates professionalism and distinguishes a laboratory individual as a specialist in their field.
    6. SAFER WORK SPACE â€“ A lab coat with an elastic cuff will assist with keeping your sleeves out of your experiment and keep you in control of your workspace. It will also protect your arms from potential hazardous splashes.
    7. CLOTHING PROTECTION â€“ A Lab coat will protect your regular clothing from dust, dirt and non-obvious contamination in the laboratory.

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