In fact, relative to "what you want", women are more aware of their own "do not want anything." One of the most romantic days of the year, what every woman does not want is neglected, neglected, and hastily perfunctory by those quick-witted flowers and cheap chocolates. Therefore, how to pick a suitable gift outside the French lamb chops and the Italian Marchesi di Barolo red wine has become a dilemma for every man. Literary and artistic love of pearl literary men have their tricks: the most commonly worn by Western women to attend important occasions is the pearl, in view of the world's women are the same critical taste, so a unique taste of pearl jewelry in the eyes of literary men Naturally became the most "insurance" gift. Rationalists have found research agencies to help. Some studies show that 63.6% of domestic women hope that the gift they can receive on Valentine's Day is "jewelry" compared to clothing, luggage, flowers and other options. Of these, diamonds and gold ornaments represented by Tiffany and Chow Tai Fook accounted for 41.5%, jadeite represented by Zhaoyi accounted for 13.7%, while pearl ornaments represented by RUANS were surprisingly accounted for 33.21% . The westerly east gradually, pearl jewelry began to return to the throne of the jewelry industry "Five Queens" (five Wong: diamond, emerald, emerald cat eye, rubies and sapphires, one after: pearl). Top quality breakthrough dilemma left and right brain tell you your "Pearl of the Queen of Jewelry" pearl is the best Valentine's Day gift, then how to choose the brand to do the insurance rather than conservative? Quality and design are of course the primary consideration, the brand connotation more need to be carefully estimated. Based on this, our eyes will naturally fall to the jewelry industry's leading brand of pearls - RANSANS Pearl. Insisting on the rigorous craft and art grade excellent design of "1% of pyramid", RUANS won numerous honors both at home and abroad. In 2011, it was chosen as "State Ceremony" by the Protocol Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Foreign Liaison Department Giving high-level foreign guests. Now, the honored courtesy privilege can also be enjoyed by the beloved. It is reported that during Valentine's Day, RUANS Ruan Shi will be in Shin Kong Place, Blue Harbor and Hongqiao three stores at the same time called "cherish life, accompanied by pearls" activities. Whether it is "buy and sell" or discount counters, have made it the best choice for men to break the plight of Valentine's Day. In fact, a woman's mind is not so complicated, psychologists said: women are through the confirmation of the relationship to be secure. So while choosing a gift, more companionship, more attention, more love, is the best choice.

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