Yantai paddy children's wear to teach Korean children's clothing, South Korea's children's clothing, foreign trade original single children's clothing size measurement and calculation formula. Under normal circumstances: Large children: XL: 58-60CM Children: XL: 50CM Children: XL: 45CM Children: XL: 35CM How to choose a fit children's clothing for children? The easiest way is to have the child try it on or measure it accurately, but if the child is absent or unmeasurable, only knowing that the child's height is still fit can be calculated by choosing the fit children's clothing. Under normal circumstances, the child's head 20% of the total height, height of 80% of the total height. When choosing a costume for a child, height is the standard. Children's shorts are about equal to 30% of body height; children shirt about equal to 50% of body height: children's pants about equal to 75% of body height; children's jackets equal to about 49% of body height; children's suits about equal to 53% of body height; Long children's coat is about equal to 70% of body height; girls dress about equal to 78% of body height. Company Address: Yantai City, Shandong Province Xifanshan Road 30 outlets on the 9th Website:

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