"Song Raymond" fashion down jacket is Hearthstone costumes in many years carefully crafted " Song Ruifen Fen " and "GRCF" women's brand on the basis of the down extension brand. Thought professional, so wonderful; because of accumulation, so mature.

"Song Raymond" fashion down jacket in 2010, that is, with a strong fur, feather down integrated technology shocked the industry, has won wide acclaim, quickly occupied professional feather market share, and for the majority of partners to bring huge profits.


This year, "Gelei Meng" stylish down jacket and set the most thinking of the best designers, the best marketing team, and further work together to build sincerely, continue to uphold the "fashion, value, fast, win-win" business philosophy, with an annual output of 500,000 Pieces, will usher in a more brilliant peak supply and demand.

"Song Raymond" fashion down jacket, more stylish, more gentle, more intimate, more elegant, more elves, more women.
"Song Raymond" fashion down jacket ------ "plume" "heavy" different.
Women's fashion, women's song Raymond, let the world more beautiful and colorful.

“歌雷蒙”时尚羽绒服 让这个世界更加美丽缤纷

Fashion, Leisure, Woman, Feeling (Feminine) (Quality) Express an unfettered but spiritual life style. Apparel is understood through sublimation in thought space. , Quantity and style, the Fabric is dominated by the current fashion, comfortable and breathable, hygroscopic, outstanding environmental protection, style with a single product mix, wearing strong, with each other's sake.

Women with glamor know how to enjoy the lifestyle Women who have a lifestyle at the same time have a complex lifestyle who want a sense of style and sensuality Fashion, leisure, woman, taste and dresses Comfort of their understanding of fashion is neither exaggerated nor conservative They desire clothing with fashion and part of the publicity

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