Reminder: Network Prince password clothing store, infringing the rights and interests of the company! Recently: Baidu search for "Prince password" there will be "Prince password trend clothing store" message, open this page, which are all similar to the Prince password store style trendy clothing. From the site's message board to see a lot of consumers complained that the quality of clothing sold in the shop too bad. More serious is: Some prince password members directly call the headquarters of Beijing 400 telephone complaints that the clothing purchased at the site is not the "Prince password" brand. Haizhunran, head of the company joining the prince password company, said: "The company has no plans to open up an online mall for the time being. Baidu's so-called" prince password clothing store "has seriously violated the company's trademark rights and company name rights. Protect their own rights and interests at the same time calling on loyal members not to buy the so-called "Prince password" trend clothing, due to the current number of small stores, the national coverage of the region can not meet the other regions of the consumer purchase of Prince password clothing needs, We apologize loyal customers around the country for the Prince password! The head office will expand more princely password monopolies around the country in 1-2 years to meet the purchasing needs of the "Prince Corps." We will strictly monitor the quality of apparel and Retail prices to ensure the interests of consumers, thanks to the general consumer prince password attention!

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