As an important cornerstone of the brand strategy of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, the world's largest worsted fabric manufacturer, Sunshine is committed to providing modern NewClassic business-style clothing to urban and business men and women aged 28-40 years. Newclassic style is a perfect fusion of classicism and minimalism. It has neither the complexity of pure classicism nor the simplistic straightforwardness. It integrates this characteristic in the design process, crosses the noisy fashion trend, and with elegant And noble attitude to establish their own unique personal style. New classic (NewClassic) business apparel includes fashion series, classic series and distinguished series. The pursuit of clear, balanced and simple beauty, abandoned the gorgeous, exaggerated and artificial creation in classicism, replaced by more light, subtle and beautiful design elements. New Classic (NewClassic) to maintain a unique balance and calm, respect for the classical, but not the only classic, advocating simple, not only simple, easy to use classical and minimalist designers, in the clean and simple revealed elegant aristocracy , In the modern environment reflects the classic beauty of the rhythm, thus burst out the passion and wisdom while giving the rare style of fashion life.

Womens Woven Flats

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