In 2012, the sales of fabrics in spring and summer of China Textile City will present different development trends. There are mainly ten aspects as follows: First, the innovative value of home textile new products will be highlighted. In the spring and summer of 2012, the latest fashion trends of home textiles, creative culture affect our lives and change our aesthetic standards. Therefore, the new products highlight the fashionable value of integration and innovation of Chinese and Western cultures! China Textile City North Market and Tianhui Square curtain cloth , Sand cloth and other decorative fabrics sales continue to sell well, marking the decorative products have broad market prospects, will compete with apparel fabrics sales market. Products continue to the whole, computer embroidery, jacquard, yarn-dyed, printing products for the mainstream sales, raw materials to Quandi, polyester, cotton and other high-end and low-end products both to meet the different levels of business needs of the purchase. In 2012, the research and development of creative industries in China Textile City markedly intensified. As the added value of fabrics increased significantly, the domestic and overseas markets will also be further expanded. In addition, green and healthy decorative fabrics and home textile products will continue to be the focus of development in 2012, in order to enrich the product level and colorful. Second, polyester knitted printed fabric will be the focus of sales. According to the 2012 Spring Festival Eve sales trend analysis and forecast, China Light & Textile City in spring and summer 2012 knitted T-shirt fabric knitted polyester printed fabrics will be the focus of sales to 118DFDY knitted printed two-sided T-shirt cloth, 118DFDY knitted printed four-sided T-shirt Cloth will occupy most of the marketing share. 118D matte FDY, 100DDTY class after the dotted round cylinder printing knit T-shirt rounds of shells, sprinkle gold and silver powder and gold foil knit T-shirt four-way shells, style renovation patterns occupy the market advantage. 2012 spring and summer application of knitted jacquard cloth, knitted embroidery cloth, knitted Burnt-out cloth, knitted water cloth and other fabric varieties will be favored. Third, yarn and pure natural fiber knitted fabrics will be very popular. 2012 spring and summer knit T-shirt fabric raw material composition of new differences in demand, the introduction of natural fibers knitted local varieties increase, except natural fiber knitted cotton fabrics, knitted bamboo fiber, knitted soybean fiber, knitted milk fiber varieties, part Before the shop-factory-style cloth industry and industry and trade integration of professional business hung sample order will increase, the local shops began to undertake the intention of orders, there will be more varieties of partial trial. Knitted T / C polyester-cotton blended dyed fabric, rayon knitted dyed fabric, rayon knitted printed fabric in small quantities and more variety will be very popular. Fourth, polyester silk printing fabric will become mainstream marketing. Textile City, the traditional market of many types of jet weaving, woven polyester FDY, DTY silk artificial silk fabric, especially chiffon, Sasaki, Chun Yafang, Xia Fang silk, washed cashmere and other non-twisting varieties and other apparel dual-use Imitation silk jacquard cloth, in spring and summer 2012 will be gradually popular. Some flower fabrics business households that the market will operate the overall variety of fabrics, spring and summer printing fabrics will be re-introduced many varieties, fabric design will be the focus of competition in spring and summer 2012 object. Fifth, imitation of wool fabric innovation and won the favor of the target customers. According to the 2012 Spring Festival sales trend analysis and forecast, accounting for about one-third of the wool-like market share, weight content of about 320-450 grams when the new fabrics will be after the Spring Festival spot market increased, steady sales Rise, and gradually become thinner with the change of climate, with light texture, soft hand feeling and weaving delicate degree to win. In addition, the composition of raw materials on the pay attention to multi-wire and network composite, multi-strand multi-strand twist, increase the corresponding cotton feel performance, fully demonstrated after dyeing the colorful cloth. And to constantly refurbished Weaving style to attract North and South Merchants purchase, play a role in activating the sales market. Six, fashion fabrics market style will gradually increase. China Textile City in spring and summer of 2012 season printing, yarn-dyed, jacquard, cut flowers, color grid, color bar, Meng color grid, Meng color bars and other products for sales leader, the size of the grid, note changes, embroidery computer Embroidery combination reflects the characteristics of romantic leisure to tie-dye products performance fabrics new style, and accompanied by the advantages of network further embodiment of the fancy to meet international and domestic basic trends, thereby extending its sales cycle to attract more North-South merchants The favor. Seven, imitation linen fabrics pay more attention to fine lines and casual style. Spring and summer 2012 imitation hemp fabric will be the new denim stretch linen, thin and thin stretch fabric, weight reduction fine linen, double twist cotton linen, viscose fabric diversity and other fabrics for the sales leader, the fabric focus on thin and soft Hand feeling and better drape performance, twist silk generally used in the viscosity, pants fabrics are still by the direction of stretch Ma, horizontal elastic Ma, stretch elastic Ma mainly foreign trade products are focused on the fine lines style. Eight, conventional cotton fabric orders will be partially increased. In the spring of 2012, China Light & Textile City will routinely order local cotton fabrics for certain garment manufacturers. Some cloth companies, large-scale operating outlets and manufacturing enterprises will be able to partially take orders. Cotton Textile City, part of the large-scale operation of the market outlets, spring cotton fabric orders will be partially increased. Nine, casual cotton cloth has become the 2012 spring cotton market, one of the leading products. Spring casual cotton cloth has become the 2012 spring cotton market, one of the leading products, sample listing will increase locally. One pure cotton yarn 20S-60S single strand dyeing cloth, single strand and double strand interlacing dyeing cloth, single strand and double strand roving different proportion of interwoven dyeing cloth, and all kinds of jacquard, cut flowers, Burnt-out, Burning flowers, enzyme sand wash, calendering, pressure crepe leisure cotton, mercerized cotton spring local marketing to go smoothly, buyers around the apparel manufacturers quite favor new style spring with cotton. Ten, apparel linings and accessories sales will continue to expand. Polyester filament yarn-dyed apparel lining especially in dyeing varieties spot transactions and orders will be smooth, 190T polyester taffeta, 210T polyester taffeta, 190T light spinning, 210T light spinning, five satin, eight satin, satin , Asian yarn, silk silk, silk silk, silk acetate, cationic yarn-dyed, cationic corrugated strips and other varieties of clothing manufacturers throughout the country for the production of spring clothing lining varieties will be increased, the counterparts will have varieties In batches of transactions, especially in polyester taffeta, light spinning, five satin and other varieties due to the needs of garment manufacturers around will have increased.

Item detail descriptions:

Material: genuine Rabbit Fur in high quality
Color: any color according to Pantone card
Size: 131*151cm
MOQ: 10pcs per color
Usage: used to be made into garments, collars ornaments and more
OEM: we accept the OEM, that is, customize the fur products in any appearance, color, size as the customer wants
Sample: we can deliver the sample piece to let the customer check the appearance and quality efficiently via DHL, UPS, TNT international mail or any other express.

This blanket, made with rabbit furs from Spain, offer a silkiness and softness touch. This pillow comes in its natural colors and is double-upholstered. 

Fur decors provide a unique natural warm and cozy feeling, that only mother nature can provide.

Material:Real Rabbit Fur

pillow cover is the ultimate in comfort, attractive contemporary style, luxurious feel & look

Fits most standard size square pillows and cushions, perfect for couch pillows, throw pillows, bedding accent pillows, decorative pillows and more

Makes a lovely home design & bedroom gift for housewarming parties, bridal registry, new couples, and other occasions. Or treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort and luxury, the gorgeous feel and soft texture that only 100% Real Rabbit Fur can deliver! NOTE: This item is only a pillow cover, it does not include a pillow or filler.

Rabbit Fur Blanket

Rabbit Fur Blanket,Rabbit Fur Throw,Rabbit Fur Throw Bed Blanket,Rabbit Fur Throw Blanket