Star hot mom who vying clothes, street shooting, to participate in large and small activities in the entertainment petition is to "hot mom" these two words. Today, the Chinese brand apparel network Xiaobian lead us all together to discuss the summer girl travel compulsory courses, summer clothing out of super-summer, do not passers-A.


Elegant lady chiffon shirt style, fresh and elegant colors highlight the temperament, coupled with a little more sexy chiffon fabric.

服装够甜才够IN 蕾丝美衣减龄变少女

Pleated cascading cuff design, a little princess sleeve gives the feeling of dynamic, tight-fitting waist design, making the whole curve more perfect.

服装够甜才够IN 蕾丝美衣减龄变少女

Exploding hollow flower chiffon shirt, large neckline design show charming neck, elegant large cuffs immortal.

服装够甜才够IN 蕾丝美衣减龄变少女

Beautiful burst circle blouse, wild essential models, with a strap dress, very unique Oh.

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