Raschel is the best quality blanket, and the RASCHEL fabric itself is also a kind of acrylic fiber, but it is named after the Raschel weave. Yu Menglai's family consultant told the editor that many blankets are often called raschel blankets, because this kind of felt is made of acrylic yarn and passed through the raschel warp knitting machine, hence the name. Raschel has the following functions:

First, winter can be used as a rug and warm raschel, lying on it, will let you forget all the troubles and cold, instantly enter the warmth, and feel the dawn, so Raschel blanket can help you improve the quality of sleep.

Second, the spring and autumn can be used as a thin quilt, gentle without losing its warmth function, but close-fitting but quite breathable, is a rare bedding.

Third, the summer is the ideal summer quilt (double-layer summer is not suitable), although it feels the fluffy feeling, but even the thick raschel, the cover is quite breathable and comfortable. Great for bare sleep! Raschel is one of the newest and best-selling fabrics in acrylic. The product is characterized by soft handfeel, delicate texture and environmental protection. Mainly used for high-grade blankets, fur coats, high-grade fabric toys, car accessories, warm clothing and hats, etc., currently used mainly for blanket production.
Raschel features:

Imported ultra-fine warm acrylic fiber is used as raw material. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are outstanding: the hand feels very comfortable and soft, the fiber is fine, the hair is not lint, warm and breathable, the digital dyeing, the color is bright and not faded, because of the unique craft of Raschel weave, the Raschel blanket is more Ordinary blankets are thick and compact, and their warmth is unique, so the price is slightly higher than ordinary blankets.

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