On June 1, 2012, MARKS & SPENCER (M & S) opened its flagship store in Admiralty Square, Huaihai Road. The flagship store is the most complete product range and store in all stores in Shanghai. It is dedicated to providing consumers with superior quality and Good value for money clothing and delicious, quality food and wine.


On the day of the event, M & S also specially invited the popular movie star Miss Sun Li to attend the opening ceremony. As one of M & S's largest stores in the international market, Huai Hai Admiralty flagship store has a full range of styles of clothing to cater to the fashion rhythm of the Shanghai Chao people.

On the day of the event, invited guests Sun Li said, "M & S is a prestigious British retailer, and I was very honored to be invited by this brand to attend the opening ceremony." Huaihai Admiralty flagship store presents a stunning one-stop self I am very pleased with the branded shopping experience, and it is truly a family-friendly environment for a diverse range of women's, men's and children's wear, to high-quality food and wine, and I find it all the more distinctive , Let me forget, you can spend the whole day here.

Trendy and exclusive sales product line

M & S Huai-hua Admiralty flagship store has more than 280 exclusive supply of clothing items, including the UK in addition to the most complete range of LimitedCollection series, popular Autograph series, Indigo series and M & SWoman series. For Shanghai influx of people night party, perunaSpeziale series no doubt make you a party focus.

In addition, the flagship store also introduced the SavileRowInspired collection, exclusive to M & S and exclusive menswear designer Richard James for the first time. The collection includes suits, shirts and ties, delivering classic British design and Richard James' The unique British fashion taste.

Within this store, each of M & S's major sub-brands are presented to consumers in different styles. Each area is uniquely designed with independent brand logos and visual displays so that consumers can have more intuitive perception of brands. Find the sub-brand that best suits your tastes and tastes. For example, LimitedCollection series will show the popular elements of the first time into the design of the brand, determined to create walking in the forefront of a single product.


British brand MARKS & SPENCER Huaihai Admiralty flagship store _ Men's North Coast series


British brand MARKS & SPENCER Huaihai Admiralty flagship store _ Autograph series


British brand MARKS & SPENCER Huaihai Admiralty flagship store _ Women Indigo series


British brand MARKS & SPENCER Huaihai Admiralty flagship store _ Women Limited Collection Collection


British brand MARKS & SPENCER Huaihai Admiralty flagship store _ women's wear per una series

The store is much sought after in 2012 spring and summer women's series

2012 M & S spring and summer women's series of clever mix and match elements of the spirit of implementing all of its sub-brands, to create a diversified trend to meet the consumer shopping needs.

§ Find a sense of the stars

The shape is a combination of parachute silk fabric, soft and sporty cut, elegant accessories and elegant jewelry with thick and bright colors.

§ Miami charm

The shape of a bright jelly color fusion modern retro styling constitute the concentration of Miami, the United States silhouette.

§ Elements mix and match

Exotic tone and printing eclectic to show the shape of the mashup spirit.

§ elegant sweetheart

Smooth material, simple design, the main color pink candy system let ladies taste at a glance.


In the women's underwear series, "retro, elegant, elegant" is definitely the focal point of the season, which also opened a new change in the field of underwear. The collision between the concept of vintage, nostalgia and British tradition and the reform of modern technology has created M & S underwear series which enables women to "dress in the trend and feel confident" this season.

Fashion Tips: M & S is the UK's largest women's and lingerie retailers.

Unmatched quality food and wine series

Featuring a newly designed imported food area, M & S offers over 900 imported premium foods and beverages to consumers, including a range of traditional British food, specialties from around the world and up to 230 fine wines from around the world .

The flagship store also has a coffee bar with a total of 65 seats serving more than 80 gourmet foods and drinks, including Fairtrade tea bags and coffee, salads, sandwiches, hot snacks and traditional English afternoon tea.

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