Japan Japan-US Women with Shanghai style featuring "RRM" brand was born in 2000, after 10 years of carefully nurtured brand sales volume from the current year in Shanghai by the first two shops have developed to 22 chain outlets. The "RRM" brand has established the business philosophy of "honesty, excellence, innovation and dedication". With the development of the brand management of the company, the business model is gradually guided by the R & D of products as a single mode and the production, management and service are integrated Diversified business. And in the Shanghai market enjoyed a good reputation.

日日美海派女装 轻熟装扮一气呵成

Although this year is not the Year of the Tiger, but the tiger sweater is really hot this year, all kinds of tiger styling appears on the dress to show a young attitude toward dressing.

日日美海派女装 轻熟装扮一气呵成

Gray knit jacket to show the relaxed profile to bring us the comfort, with sky blue package hip skirt with a slightly sexy taste, light cooked dress at one go.

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