Everyone is very curious about the gold rust. I have heard that the steel will rust, then the gold will rust, and I will talk to you today.

Gold (chemical symbol: Au) is a chemical element with an atomic number of 79 and is a metal element. The single element of gold is known as "gold" and is a very precious metal. According to the metal activity sequence table (K>Ca>Na>Mg>Al>Zn>Fe>tin>lead>H>Cu>Hg>Ag>platinum>gold) gold is the last one, and gold is followed by inert gas. An inert gas is a gas that does not undergo a chemical reaction under normal conditions. Heat, moisture, oxygen, and most of the etchant have only a small amount of chemical influence on gold.
In June 2012, the company helped customers to order a batch of gold-polished handicrafts with exquisite craftsmanship and perfection. Unexpectedly, the customer reflected that there were a lot of rust spots on the crafts, and it was suspected that it was not made of real gold. In this case, the company immediately contacted the factory to ask about the situation. The factory explained as follows:
1 This situation can't be avoided because the texture of this craft is too much and it is too small.
2 Plus the weather in the south is very humid, and the texture is easy to get into the moisture.
3 crafts were not handled well before the mold was released.
4 process materials are made of 999 pure gold.
5 When gold appears rust spots and stains, go to the gold craft shop and get a fire.
The above explanation is not recognized by the customer, so the company can only do the gold and false identification to make a perfect ending. I also want to give the certification bureau a good explanation.
Experts from the appraisal bureau said that long rust is not strictly enforced in the production process and is easy to handle. The explanation is basically the same as the factory explanation, just reminding everyone to carefully consider before making gold crafts.

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