When it comes to collecting ancient jade, it is not only related to the age of the ancient jade, but also what cultural value it has. Chinese ancient jade culture is widely spread, so which jade materials are used in ancient jade articles?

Hetian Yu does not have to say that it is the theme of Chinese jade culture and has a long history. Its historical status is also relatively high, generally more used for Hetian seed jade. Hetian jade is generally used by the royal palace aristocrats, and the high-quality jade material can only be used by the emperor. Its hardness is 6-6.5, which is divided into mountain and seed materials. The color can be roughly divided into four color systems: white, yellow, cyan and ink.

Xiuyan jade is also a kind of jade material which is more common in ancient jade articles. It is named after it is produced in Xiuyan County of Liaoning. Because the minerals contained in it are more complicated, the color types are also more varied, which is serpentine jade. Its hardness is relatively low, and it is often used as a counterfeit for jade.

Jade has the reputation of the king of jade, is jadeite, hardness 7, produced in Burma, has a transition from transparent - translucent - opaque, fine jade, glass luster, precious to the green, prevailing in the Qing Dynasty .

Nanyang jade, produced in Henan Nanyang, also known as Dushan jade, hardness between 6-6.5, toughness is better, with oil waxy luster.

In addition, there are agate, turquoise, crystal, coral, amber and so on. Many of these jade materials are made locally. Because in ancient times there was a strict hierarchy, not all people could use such precious jade species as Hetian jade or jade, so that there would be other gemstones with better gloss as an alternative.

Source: Xinjiang Hetian jade network.

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