Home is a harbor of love, and healthy homes are not only without air pollution. In the daily home living environment, there are many places and links that need attention, such as toilets, cloth sofas, furniture, air conditioners, home decoration, etc. The sanitation of these places is decisive and critical to the overall health of the home. influences. Home textile top ten brands Baodi Home Textiles Aide consultants believe that the details are beautiful, healthy families should start from the details.

Baodi Home Textiles Aide Consultant discovered from the life that the sewer water sprinkled with yam water, the pot was mixed with some fresh orange peel, a set of dried tea leaves in the closet and drawer, a little vinegar in the wok, and heated to evaporate Can remove odors. It is not advisable to put too many plant pots in the room, and the plants in the room should be small and refined. Too many plants can damage the overall sense of the environment, not only difficult to regulate the mood, but also cause visual fatigue.

Baoji Home Textiles has been engaged in the home textile industry for more than ten years. It has a deep understanding of some of the functions of home textile materials. It can reduce the noise in the home. You can choose the curtains of flocking fabrics. The curtains are thicker, sound absorption and shading effect. If you choose red and black. The matching curtains help to fall asleep as soon as possible.

Baodi Home Textiles Aide Consultant suggested that the mattress used in the home should be replaced by the front and back and the orientation in 2-3 months. The mattress should not sleep on the side, and the mattress can easily lead to spring deformation and mattress. Depression.

If you are a person who likes warmth, then your home style should choose a warmer color, "color life, Baoji home textile" with professional research on color, Baodi home textiles love home consultant professional advice, a warm home, the best Do not use white, metallic tiles, strong reflection, may lead to myopia and cataracts, not suitable for large-area use. When decorating, it is best to choose matt bricks or warm wood floors. And when purchasing furniture, it is safest to choose furniture samples. Furniture samples are placed in the air for a long time. The release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene is relatively thorough. The samples are mostly made of real materials. Some manufacturers also carry out aldehyde removal treatment. .

Color life, Baodi home textiles, every family that cares for the heart is a family full of love. In the embrace of love, we enjoy the infinite beauty of life.

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