TITI Womenswear Fall / Winter 2012 continuation of the previous confident, independent urban white-collar style, with design as the soul, based on product quality, such as men 's elegant neckline, cuffs and other design details, intellectual does not contrived, highlighting professional workplace attitude and refined Dress code.


The rules of the geometric patterns caused by this season's international T stage of the popular focus, many rules and regulations, diamonds, circles, etc. have been integrated into the costume design. TITI women use geometric patterns the best interpretation of modern fashion.

TITI女装冬款 紧随流行趋势不掉队

Intoxicated burgundy how rare, whether it is large or dotted in the Look which can be exuded a mellow charm, dress, suit suit will perfect the characteristics of burgundy perfect, capable and tidy Icon intoxicating.

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