The issue of environmental hormones in textile and clothing has always been the focus of attention in all countries. The European Union explicitly banned the use of nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether (NPE) and nonylphenol (NP) in the textile production industry. The Swedish Chemicals Agency plans to submit a ban on the import of NPE-containing textiles to the European Chemicals Agency by August this year. EU documents. Therefore, the EU may completely ban the import of textile products containing environmental hormones, which will have an impact on China's textile exports.

Environmental hormones are chemical substances that cause extrinsic disturbances in the body's endocrine system. These substances can cause disorders in the endocrine system, impede reproduction and development, and even cause malignancy. NPE has an endocrine disrupting effect that promotes breast cancer cell proliferation and is a carcinogen. As a surfactant, once NPE enters the environment, it quickly decomposes into a more toxic environmental hormone, NP. NP is recognized worldwide as an environmental hormone.

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